Cancellation Terms:
There will be no cancellation charges if the booking is cancelled 48 hours before to check in. If the booking is cancelled 24 hours prior to check in, retention charges for one day will be applied and one day’s retention will also be applied if the departure date is pre-poned (Conditions Apply).

Terms & Condition:
1. Check in & Check out time 12.00 Noon & 11:00 am respectively. Though it is valid as per the confirmation mail.
2. Please call the caretaker/property manager on the number provided in the voucher for any assistance like directions for reaching the apartment, help with luggage etc.
3. At the time of check in, each guest will need to furnish a printout of the confirmation voucher and a government photo ID (Adhaar/Passport/Pan Card/Driving License/Voter ID) and the company ID if the guest is a company guest.

Modifications & Refunds:
1. As we (PAJASA) are an aggregator. We do not control, own, create or direct Apartments. In case Apartment does not honor the booking our team will work hard and shall suggest you the best alternative for your stay, which shall be as per your discretion.
2. PAJASA reserves the right to cancel any booking made by any travel agent using promotional offers for business purpose without any prior notice.
3. The detailed terms and conditions set out at Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein by reference and shall accordingly apply to the booking.
4. Applicable only for the Apartments booked to stay/travel within the territory of India.
5. Cancellations and modifications must be made with PAJASA and not with the Apartment as the contract that has been entered into is between PAJASA and the customer/Company. Cancellations/modifications sent directly to the Apartment are not recognized by PAJASA and no money will be refunded.
6. For any modification, User shall pay applicable cancellation/modification charges as per contract.
7. All modifications are subject to availability and agreement of the Apartment. If the total of the modification is cheaper than the cost of the initial booking, then a refund of the difference in cost will be given.
8. Once a booking is modified, it cannot be refunded.
9. If a booking is changed or cancelled by the customer, the Property manager will be notified (of the changes) and the original confirmation email that was generated will not be valid.
10. In addition to the aforesaid terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the respective Apartment shall also be applicable to the booking. In case of any inconsistency or conflict between the terms and conditions herein vis-a-vis the terms and conditions of the Apartment in relation to the accommodation, the terms and conditions of the Apartment shall supersede.
11. Pets are not allowed.