Indian Start-up bags MARS Contract

Space-Ex today has confirmed the appointment of PAJASA to provide stay for all travelers to Mars, beginning with their research and technical staff.
PAJASA comprehensively left behind service providers from all over the world to bag the contract.
A Space-EX spokesperson on a television interview said that India’s global fame after ISROs launching of 104 satellites made them think about collaborating with an Indian company. After the initial trials and feedback from their staff, they finalized PAJASA’s appointment.
The Space-EX personnel stationed on Mars welcomed the news, stating that the stay experience was one of the best of their lives.
In an exclusive conversation, Space-Ex head of Bio Research, Mr Sachin Sirohi said that the stay experience has been such that many scientists had even applied for extensions of contracts. He said that the service apartments are located close to their labs, so no more traffic jams.

Earlier, they had no choice other than to eat the bland and tasteless “Food-Paste” all the time and once they even had got served toothpaste by mistake, and that too without salt. After Pajasa came into the picture, they were getting to eat delicious homely and earthy food.

So rush now and book your seat. PAJASA will be taking reservations on 1st April.

For the full story, watch this spectacular video.

HAPPY 1st April.