Service Apartments in Nashik

Service Apartments in Nashik

Local Info:

Nashik situated on the banks of Godavari and is one of the most important cities of Maharashtra. Well known as “Wine capital of India” because it is the highest producer of grapes in the country. It is famous for its religious and historical importance. This city is known for its pleasant climate and greenery. The river Godavari is one of the important rivers of India. It flows through the old residential settlement, now in the central part of the city.


Location of our service apartments in Nashik are in major areas. You will have multiple options while travelling in the city. The city runs “Nashik city bus service” which is available from most of the part of city. Rickshaws are another mode of transportation. OLA and UBER cabs service is available throughout the city.


Apartments are close to mall and restaurants. Our apartments are equipped with all the modern facilities so you can make your stay homely. Apartments are spacious and have well furnished furniture. Our apartments also have AC’s and Wi-Fi internet facility.