5 things before starting a service apartment

5 Considerations Before Starting A Service Apartment

Serviced apartments have significantly redefined corporate stays in recent years. With a growth rate of over 15% per annum, serviced apartment sector is the most buoyant segment of hospitality industry. While it is growing at a phenomenal rate, there is still a supply-demand gap which can be gauged by the fact that over 20% of hotel stays are due to the lack of serviced apartments. (more…)

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Serviced apartments score over AIRBNB

How Serviced apartments score over AIRBNB

AIRBNB has clearly established itself as one of the leaders of online marketers in hospitality service industry. While they may seem to have stay solutions for just about every kind of travel, there clearly exist some segments like corporate travel, where Serviced apartments score over AIRBNB over unverified and unregulated rentals on their portal. (more…)

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