• Timeline History of Hinduja Group

    Hinduja Group is involved in a wide range of activities including foundries, import export, trading, motor vehicles, banking, call centres and healthcare. Hinduja today has a massive structure of growth with its new inventions provided to us by them. Hinduja was founded in 1914 by a Sindhi Family and today the Hinduja Group is an Indian conglomerate company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

    Today, the Hinduja Group has become one of the largest diversified groups in the world spanning all the continents. The Group employs over 150,000+ people and has offices in many key cities of the world and all the major cities in India.Some of the companies which Hinduja Group gave us are HInduja Leyland, Ashok Leyland, Indusland Bank, Gulf Oil Corporation etc

    Below is the Brief History Timeline of Hinduja Group

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    Basically, The image was created in PowerPoint using the Office Timeline, modified. The Plus version of the tool can be of great help to users requiring more advanced customization options and is ideal for building professional visuals and business presentations.

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  • Timeline History of Parle-G

    Timeline History of Parle-G

    Timeline History of Parle-G conveys us some of the major events which took place in the History of Parle. Parle- G products were established in Vile-Parle in Mumbai after the Independence period. Parle-G were previously called Parle Glucose which was later changed to Parle-G, The “G” in the name Parle-G originally stood for “Glucose”, though a later brand slogan also stated “G for Genius” It began manufacturing biscuits in 1939.

    Parle -G is one of the oldest biscuit brand in India. Parle-G’s strong distribution network covered over 6 million retail stores in India. The Timeline History of Parle-G tells us about various events which took place while Parle-G Biscuits were being produced. Beginning from a smaller level Parle-G has today become one of the well known brands in India. Basically, Parle-G is a snack which is eaten during Tea-time

    Eventually In 2013, Parle- G became India’s first domestic FMCG brand to cross the ₹ 5,000 crore mark in retail sales.

    For decades, the product was instantly recognized by the young girl on the wrapper of the biscuit, We have made this Timeline which includes major events in the History of Parle.

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